The final panel

The Final panel (Part 1)

A discussion moderated by Peter McKinnon to find out what the international attendants may have learned from the 17 different presentations. Peter asked to have reactions from experts but especially from those who haven’t made a presentation at the conference.

Will have their say, in order of appearance:

Peter McKinnon:

Professor of design and management in the Department of Theatre at York University in Canada. Peter also worked as a lighting designer on some 450 shows, principally for dance and opera. With Eric Fielding he is co-autor on the books "World Scenography 1975-1990" and "World Scenography 1990-2005".

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The Final panel (Part 2)

Alarmed by a feasibility study, commissioned by the City of Antwerp, that proposed the destruction of the entirely preserved historic stage machinery from 1834 in the Bourla theatre, this international conference has been organised.

This last discussion on the future of the heritage theatre machinery in the Bourla theatre is moderated by Staf Vos, researcher at Het Firmament, the Flemish Centre of Expertise for the Heritage of the Performing Arts.

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