One to four baroque machinery model

One to four baroque machinery model

The successor of the one to four experimental model, build by the Expertise Cantre For Technical Theatre RITCS,  contains all types of Baroque equipment, implemented in a stage house.

The scale model is an important tool to research and test historical (and contemporary) working methods.  It is developed with the support of HOAC stage technology and Solution NV. On a scale 1 to 4 we can work with realistic (counter)weights, friction has a realistic influence and the problems with rigging and placement become apparent. The model is not a reflection of any existing theatre, but a basic composition where all possible instruments from a baroque theatre are present. This flexible set-up enables us to quickly and efficiently try out different versions of machinery and rigging.

The model is used for research, presentations and education. Right now, we are working on additional elements to be able to test historical lighting and more recent mechanical techniques as well.

Building the model

Changement a vue presentation