At theatrEurope, we are fascinated by models representing historical equipment. We beleave that the fact you can see, touch, feel the movement is an essential part of the experience and leads to deeper understanding.

One to ten model of heritage machinery

This 1/10 scale model has been made in 2014 for the international Wood & Canvas conference, to demonstrate the many unexpected possibilities and new uses of heritage technology that can be introduced in contemporary productions.

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One to four experimental model

This model, in fact a set of models, were build by Rens Planckaert as part of his thesis work at RITCS and presented at the Wood and Canvas congres.

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One to four baroque machinery model

The successor of the one to four experimental model, build by the Expertise Cantre For Technical Theatre RITCS,  contains all types of Baroque equipment, implemented in a stage house.

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Model of the La Monnaie museum

This model is part of the LaMonnaie collection and is realised by Michel Dumont, assisted by Max Laroche, working on it during 1995 up to 2000.
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